Kompani Nomad is unique!

Kompani Nomad is the only professional Sami dance company in Sweden, situated in Gothenburg. Ola Stinnerbom, is our choreographer and artistic director, as well as dancer and yoiker and works together with Birgitta Stålnert, creative director and scriptwriter of the company.

Kompani Nomad has been founded by Swedish Art Council, Framtidens Kultur, Göteborgs stad, Carina Ari, Levande Historia,  Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturkontakt Nord, Sami Raddi and Sametinget among others.

Ola Stinnerbom is a strong modern dancer, as well as a classical ballet dancer. He is also familiar with all kind of different dance techniques. He has an artistic integrity that makes it possible to mix different dance techniques as street dancing and break dance, acrobatics, and tilt walking with trance dance and yoik.

The lost Sami dance tradition

The Sami people live in Sweden, Norway, Finland and in Russia and are the only indigenous people in Europe, and were for many years regarded as the only first nation people without a dance tradition in the whole world. This was something that Ola Stinnerbom never believed in and wanted to proof wrong. For almost fifteen years he has been seeking for evidence that could tell about this lost Sami dance tradition. Five years ago Birgitta Stålnert joined the company and together they intensified the search for the lost Sami dance tradition.

Ola Stinnerbom has found a lot of written sources that told us about strange shamanistic rituals. But the eyewitness, often priests, never looked up on these rituals as dancing and didn’t understand what the saw. They didn’t realize the central part that the trance dance played for the Sami people or could understand the meaning of ritual dancing for the Saamis.

But now Kompani Nomad can present facts that show that Sami people have danced. But yet we don’t know what it really looked like, so as a postmodern contemporary choreographer Ola Stinnerbom tries to fill the empty spaces with movements that probably were part of the original dance. But we still can’t tell how the Sami dance tradition looked like, thousand years ago, or even some hundred years ago.

Our aim and mission

We want to show the world that the Sami people also have a dance tradition and restore their lost dance tradition, not in a historical way but in a postmodern neo circus style. Our mission is to establish an artistic Sami dance theatre for children and young people.

About Ola Stinnerbom: Artistic Director since 2003. Has been working as Choreographer, Dancer, Musician and Yoiker for more than 20 years. Earlier Artistic Director for The Saami Theatre in Kiruna and lately in charge for the modern dance-education at the Swedish Ballet School in Gothenburg. Strongly believes in mixing different dance styles and acrobatics with reminisce of the lost Saami dance tradition. The result is a piece of unexpected contemporary Saami dance with a taste of his ancient forefathers, blended with neo circus.

About Birgitta Stålnert: Creative Director since 2003, in head of artistic strategies, economics/funding, PR, scriptwriting and video production. Creative and curious Generalist who wants to combine striking ideas with emotions. Have a passion for less limits in general and broader narrative forms  especially for Internet, Film and Stage. Motto:It’s not about technology – it’s all about ideas”.